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Origins and History of the Shillelagh Stick

Sticks have been used as weapons since fighting began, however the skilled use of hardwood clubs by the people of Shillelagh led to these clubs to be called Shillelagh's by Richard II in 1395. With the dispersion of these peoples through the ages the term Shillelagh spread throughout Ireland and the new world in reference to a weighted fighting stick.

When it became illegal for any Irish person to carry a weapon their Shillelagh's were often elongated to appear as a walking stick but were just as effictive  a weapon when the need arose. These irish who emigrated to America enjoyed the right there of all men to carry arms and Shillelagh's became very promenant in the faction fights in the turbulant years of the young United States. Many Irish Americans can remember this kind of Shillelagh in use or will have heard stories about them while most English and Irish people will remember them as walking sticks or lucky charms from home. 

We offer customers a range of Shillelagh's an all the traditional styles and accurate historical information about the backround of each piece. All of our wood is sourced within the territories of the ancient Siol Ealaigh peoples and made into the finished article on our premises here in Shillelagh.

All of our sticks are made from Blackthorn which has the highest lightness to hardness ratio of all woods and gives an excellent finish. The processes involved in hand crafting the blackthorn into high quality Shillelaghs typically take 3 years to complete.


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