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Pictured below are selections of sticks made for use in stickfighting. They have an oil finish which is easily marked and replenished, but will require ongoing care. If being used for ornamental purposes, a high glaze finish requiring little or no maintenance is recommended.


Ref.     Length     Weight        Shaft     Price        Shipping          Lead
                                                                           Worldwide      Loaded   

51A        31"     400grams.       1"      $75             $15                yes

51B        32"     400g                1"       $75            $15                no          

51C       On Hold 34"      410g            1"         $85            $15                yes  

51D       33.5        360g           1"         $75            $15                yes  

51E       37"        500g          1"+         $100           $22                no   

51F       SOLD     475g.         1"           $120           $22                no 

51G   SOLD        530g          1"+        $150            $22                no
very good as walking stick in either hand

Ref.     Length     Weight        Shaft     Price        Shipping        Lead 
                                                                           Worldwide     Loaded    

52A        32"     515grams.         1"     $120            $22               yes

52B       29.5"       350g               1"      $65            $15              yes        

52C      SOLD       440g                1"      $100         $22               yes

52D        SOLD      530g.                1"     $110            $22             yes   
Can be shortened to suit

52E         39"     560g                  1"     $110           $22              no   

52F         29"       350g            7/8"      $70             $15               no 

52G       38"     330g              3/4"         $70            $15               no

These are made for stickfighting or personal protection and are not usually comfortable to use as walking sticks.
Allow up to 21 days for delivery.
Inscriptions are not practical with this finish.
Care and Maintenance.
This will vary with the conditions in which the stick is used and stored.
Avoid storing in direct sunlight, in vehicles during warm weather and near heat sources.
Replenishing: Lightly sand with a very fine grit sandpaper.
                       Wipe off dust with cloth moistened with white spirits.
                       Apply at least two coats of danish or tung oil with a cloth.
                       When dry, apply coat of beeswax, allow about 10 minutes to set, then buff to shine   with clean cloth. Repeat beeswax application if necessary to bring up the lustre desired                       
This process can be used to repair strike marks.
It should be routinely done over the entire stick after about 6months, and at least annually thereafter. 
These sticks are designed for those who will use them regularly and monitor their condition.
Frequency of replenishing will require a certain amount of judgement on the users' behalf, as temperature, humidity and storage conditions will play a role in determining how often it is needed.

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