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Liam O Caidhla (William Kealy) is a traditional Irish stick maker, making various styles of 'Shillelaghs' which have evolved through the ages. He is a member of the Craft Council of Ireland to which Olde Shillelagh Stick Makers is affiliated. Liam
learned the skills of stick making from his fathers hobby as a young boy. An electronics technician by trade he has lived and worked all his life in Shillelagh. A constant trickle of visitors to his electrical store in the village looking for real "Shillelagh's" revived his interest in the craft introduced to him by his father. This interest quickly became a passion and many years have been spent researching and authenticating the true origins of the Shillelagh Stick and the history of the local area associated with it. Only snippets of such information were available up to now and much of it was largely inaccurate. Much time has also gone into locating the best blackthorn sources and moulding the wood into the fine range of products available in his store today. All products are hand made on the premises and are currently not available from any other outlet. Liam still lives at his premises in Shillelagh with his wife Elizabeth and three children who are all keen apprentices.  

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