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Welcome to Olde Shillelagh Stick Makers And B&B guest accomodation.
Shillelagh, County Wicklow, Ireland.
Member of the Craft Council Of Ireland
Member of  Wicklow County Tourism


Set in heart of County Wicklow, Ireland, is the picturesque estate village of Shillelagh, original home of the world famous Irish Blackthorn Fighting Stick. The unique qualities of these sticks were first developed by the Siol Ealaigh people of this region more than 1200 years ago.

At Olde Shillelagh Stick Makers, situated in the Main Street, we continue the age old craft whereby locally sourced blackthorn is seasoned and hardened, and fashioned into the finest quality walking sticks, clubs, cudgels and ornamental sticks available.

With an abundance of car and coach parking in the centre of the village, visitors are always welcome and light refreshments readily available.


Visiting The Area ?

See what other attractions the beautiful county of Wicklow, known as the 'Garden of Ireland', has to offer visitors.


The unique properties of blackthorn are ideally suited for its use as fighting sticks.
Over the generations numerous diferent fighting styles were developed using sticks of differing shapes and weights. Good sources of information on learning about the use of these sticks in martial arts are William Sanders in California and Glen Doyle in Canada.
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Visitors are welcome to look around the stickmakers workshops, and talks on the true origins and history of the "Shillelagh" and demonstrations of the stick making process are available, but should normally be arranged in advance.

Accommodation is also available on the premises in our chalet type guest rooms, which have been tastefully converted from the old stables in the stickmakers yard. Rooms are centrally heated, have tea and snack making facilities and are en-suite.


On other pages of this site, selected samples of our products are offered or sale. We also have large stock of 'almost' ready sticks which can be finished of to our clients specification in a short time.

You will only find that elusive "Shillelagh" from Shillelagh here in the peaceful surroundings of its ancestral home.

View of Shillelagh Village

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